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The company is able to provide a variety of publishing associated services and products. Our first hand experience of writing articles, publishing books, creating marketing literature and setting up and running very successful websites enables us to offer real value for money services.

Adrio Communications Ltd is able to offer a variety of publishing associated services and products:


Our author Ian Poole has many books that have been published by a variety of publishers and covering a number of areas of radio and electronics.


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Let us use our expertise in technical writing to prepare technical articles for your company for publication, or other marketing literature. As a widely published author in many magazines, we offer a professional technical writing service at a realistic cost. Contact us now!

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Our broad knowledge of electronics and radio technology, combined with a proven ability to explain concepts in an easy to read fashion means that literature written by us will be clear, concise and interesting to read.


Widely published and respected author and technical writer.


Proven ability to explain complicated ideas in an easy to understand manner, making for easy to read articles and understandable tutorials.


Author of over 20 books.