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Adrio communications Ltd is a company offering electronics publishing. With proven expertise in electronics technology, Adrio Communications Ltd is able to offer expert services in a variety of areas:

  • Marketing in electronics related areas    

  • Publishing and publications    

Over the years, Ian Poole, the founder of Adrio Communications has undertaken a variety of engineering roles from development engineering in the avionics, computer related, communications and test and measurement industries. Several senior management roles have also been undertaken.

Now the main focus of the business is directed towards publishing of electronics related websites. These give the latest of information about technologies of interest to electronics engineers as well as students, hobbyists and makers.

Our proven expertise in explaining the fundamentals as well as some of the more advanced topics comes from years of experience from a hobbyist through to a professional engineer and beyond.

Ian Poole has a proven track record in writing and publishing with over 20 books published, countless magazine articles and running two very successful websites. Ian Poole was also the inaugural winner of the Bill Orr award given by the American Radio Relay League for technical writing.

Explore the site and find out more about the electronics related publihsing provided by Adrio Communications Ltd. . . .


For professional value for money services find out exactly what Adrio Communications can offer.



Experienced in engineering techniques and processes with a deep understanding of technology.



Proven ability to explain complicated ideas in an easy to understand manner, making for easy to read articles and understandable training.