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Adrio communications Ltd is a company offering electronics, and electronics related consultancy services. With proven expertise in electronics technology, Adrio Communications Ltd is able to offer expert services in a variety of areas:

  • Electronics Engineering    

  • Marketing in electronics related areas    

  • Publishing and publications    

  • Photography    

Our main focus of business is towards the electronics engineering field. With many years of experience in this field we are well qualified to provide value for money services in this arena.

However our engineering expertise is put to use in other areas as well. Having spent time in a marketing department as a successful manager, we are able to offer marketing services backed up by our technical expertise. In this way we "know what we are talking about" from both the marketing and engineering perspectives. In this way we are able to provide insight and understanding that might not be available elsewhere.

Our publishing and publications activities again have a focus on electronics and engineering topics. We have written for many industry magazines and have over 20 books that have been published. Explaining topics in a comprehensible fashion is one of our strong points and can be used for your marketing literature and in many other areas.

We are also able to supply photographic services. Our understanding of technology, combined with expertise in photography and our equipment enables us to make the most of any photos you may need. Check out our portfolios and see what we may be able to offer you.

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Experienced in engineering techniques and processes with a deep understanding of technology.



Proven ability to explain complicated ideas in an easy to understand manner, making for easy to read articles and understandable training.